Bill Miller's chuck bucket!?

Stupidity is billable... if you're going to be an idiot, it's going to cost you in the end.

Welcome to Bill Miller's webpage

Yes... I know this page is supposed to have something interesting or at least provocative... but I'm not all that interesting. I have been known to provoke things... discussion, thoughts of regurgitation, ... stuff like that. The most interesting thing about this web page is that it's free and about 1 hour's worth of work (mostly thanks to So you shouldn't expect a whole lot of content or mind blowing existential stuff within that hour. 

Hmmm... maybe there is something interesting here...

The most interesting things here so far are implied by the theme and title. You should be able to guess what's going on in my head with the title and other images. The tag line is essentially my personal motto that I've found to be true in almost every situation in life. It's not an insult, it's just a comment on the world at large, if you insist on doing something not quite so smart, it will eventually come back to haunt you. It doesn't mean it will be a purely financial impact, it could be many things. You'll know it when you see/hear/feel it... and usually your next comment/thought will be something in the general vein of DOH! 

Great video

This video arrived in my inbox... great video, I wish I knew who did it so I could give proper credit or link directly to it. Click here.